500 Red Worms




Red worms are more formally known as Eisenia Fetida and are the most popular composting worm in the United States. These worms have a few other aliases including brandling worms, tiger worms or red wigglers. No matter what they are called they are definitely the best worm for composting!


These are relatively small worms, 1-3 inches long, and very skinny too. Although they are small, they can eat nearly 1/2 of their weight in food every day. We sell these worms as bed run, which means you will receive a mix of baby, juvenile, and adult size worms. There are about 1000 worms per pound. The worms are separated and weighed first. Then we add a bunch of bedding (normally dry peat moss) and put them in a breathable cloth bag and ship them straight to your doorstep.

When you receive your order you can add them directly into you compost bin or pile. The worms may be a little dehydrated since they are shipped in a dry bedding. Make sure they have a moist environment with composting food ready for them so that they can rehydrate and nourish themselves. After the worms have settled in feed them only when they start running low on food. You shouldn’t have to add any water since most foods already provide a lot of moisture content. There should never be any standing water at the bottom of the bin.

General worm fact (apply to most compost worms)

  • Compost worms can eat about 1/2 their weight in food everyday.
  • Compost worms can lay cocoons that contain and hatch 1-5 eggs.
  • Compost worms can double in population every 90 days (approximately).
  • Compost worms are epigeal, they feed on the top 6-8 inches of compost.

A few fun facts about red worms:

  • Red worms excrete a pungent liquid when roughly handled (presumably as a defense mechanism).
  • Red worms grow to be 3-4 inches long
  • Red worms thrive in temperature climates between 70-80 degrees.